Friday, July 31, 2009

Take A Bow

Thats pronounced [boh] not [bou]. And speaking of bows. Summer is a great time to wear cute girly bows!

I'd love to spend the summer picking pretty flowers in this adorable top.

Your bows don't have to be big to be adorable. Especially if they come in pairs!

Nothing says summer like a yellow pair of shoes with a pretty bow.

A girly girl could spend many summer evenings in this beautiful dress (and you can get it in any size!)

This hat is so neat! The bows just add to the awesomeness...

Okay, so bows aren't just for summer. These arm warmers will keep you cute even in the chilly months!

I'm going to play dress-up now! Enjoy the bows...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Computer Coolness

My computer has been very stubborn past couple days. Can you believe it's refusing to turn on?!? How dare it defy me? Ha ha. So, in honor of broken computers everywhere, I dedicate this post to my mine.

This is so pretty, even if it is geeky...

So, If you are a grown up that still plays with legos and love computers, this is for you,

I love a nice pen. I love it more when it makes use of broken computer parts.

And, because I'm girly I thought I'd throw in this old school computer necklace.

I'd like to thank my mom for letting me borrow her computer every time mine breaks. I Love you mom!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Seaside Daydream

A friend is going to the beach this weekend. Undies is a little jealous so, to feel better we went to Etsy to pick some of our ocean themed favorites to share with you.
(Just click the pictures to go to Etsy)

We love this stunning necklace. You could wear it to dinner with a little black dress to dinner at a lovely restaurant with an ocean view.

This seller's hand block-printed tea towels are sooo cute! What a lovely lobster.

We love this print! The colors are great.

Wouldn't you love to feel like a sexy pin-up in this adorable suit?

We love this guy!

So yeah, we wish we were packing up for a beach trip, but since that's not going to happen seaside daydreams will have to do...sigh.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Literally Sexy

We love the sexy librarian look! We also love pink and grey. What could be better than some awesome items from Etsy in pink and grey that make us think of looking good in the library? Nothing, really!
(just click on the pictures to see the item on Etsy)

I adore this illustration.

I always picture a librarian with her hair up. For that you'll need a pretty hairpin like this one

These shoes are to die for and any sexy librarian would be proud to own them!

The perfect librarian skirt.

Read! I think this pendant really says it all.

A cozy spot to read with a cute pink chair. I really like this print!

I love these, but as you can see from my shop, I'm a sucker for cat eye frames.

I NEED these!

Of course, you'll need a great book. If it happens to match your outfit? Even better!

I love these glasses cases! So cute.

Girls that spend much time in the library know its good to have a cute cardigan.

Every cardigan needs a cute birdie pin...or two.