Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seeing Spots

My Eyes are always drawn to bold yet simple black and white designs...especially spots and dots. Here are some of my spotty, dotty, swirly, awesome Etsy faves!

I just love the simple pattern on this bowl. It looks like something I'd doodle in my notebook while searching for inspiration!

I love seeing etsy shops that belong to kids. This awesome drawing was done by 12 year old Jen! So cool...

I guess I'm into bowls today. Here is another bowl with a bold black and white design.I love that its blue inside, too!

I'm a big fan of this shirt. A little geekery and can you go wrong?

I really like this bag. Its simple, but sassy...

I like black and white designs so much I even make things that are basic and bold sometimes

These are listed in my "non undies" Etsy shop!

Until next time...

<3 undies

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